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Strategy Round Table

Recent events in the global economy have left deep deficits in the bottom line of many organizations all over the world. The role of Globalization in easily transferring these losses across borders must be regarded with utmost seriousness. The key decision makers in every organization must simply come to terms with the fact that no matter how small or large they are and irrespective of the industry they operate in, their operating environment is constantly expanding with the introduction of new variables that constantly threaten to change the structure of the business terrain. As a result, organizations need to be constantly abreast with the pulse of their ever increasing operating environment.

While the growth of majority of the developed markets in the world seem to be crowning, analysts all over the world are looking to emerging markets like the Nigerian Economy as the next frontier of growth. In the light of recent events in the Nigerian Economy, it is clear that business can no longer be conducted as usual. For businesses to remain viable, productive and sustainable, it must refocus its direction and leverage its resources to reduce cost and increase productivity. The spread must be maintained in the face of changing cost with quality remaining the same. The idea is to optimize cost and reduce waste in the operational processes of our businesses.

What alternatives can be adopted to ensure that profits are maximized? What do decision makers need to do? These and many more questions are being asked daily by SMEs and big corporations alike. How you position organization in the light of the present state of the economy is critical.

Generis Universal Tactical Solutions (GUTS) is a consulting firm in the areas of marketing, business development and financial advisory. We love to offer strategic solutions to the challenges of our clients’ businesses and the economy. We have seen a challenge that most organizations might not have foreseen or looked into and we are willing to partner with your organization to help you get an overview of the state and direction of the economy.

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