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Very soon, poverty will not be defined as everyone living below $1/day but by the measure of the ratio between your income and expenses.

Creating your wealth map beats everything you have ever heard on investment and more and opens up your mind and eyes to the things you have read, heard and seen in a new way.

Many people in our world today spend more than they earn, with no passive income, they work their entire life yet nothing to show at retirement because they failed to be financially intelligent and some have assets but the assets offer no return on investment (ROI) on a regular basis all because they have refused to create a wealth map soon enough.

Following the book creating your wealth Map by the MD- Adeolu Akinyemi, this seminar will bring about a paradigm shift that helps you break the Parkinson’s Law.

This program will help put finance theory into practical terms and teach you how to develop your own balance sheet and set realistic goals from weekly to monthly down to yearly and more future years in order to be able to move from poverty to wealth, grass to grace


  • Understanding your personal financial statement
  • Teach you how to set realistic financial goals
  • Assist you in creating your map to financial freedom
  • Help you in understanding debt, leverage and risk
  • How to take advantage of opportunities and when to exit out of them

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