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Billionnaires in Training

It is no news that life expectancy in Nigeria is 47 and that more than 70 percent of the nations populace are living below the poverty line meaning that more than 7 of every 10 people walking the streets of our country are poor. Poor not only in financial prowess but also in the number of valuable opportunities passed over repeatedly. There is a true adage from the south-western part of Nigeria which says “one rich man in the midst of six poor men will eventually become the seventh poor man”. Based on the figures above, it is therefore imperative for us to look critically at not just our financial prowess but also at how we manage it.

  • How much are you worth? That is, net asset – net liabilities.
  • What is your monthly cash flow? That is, total income – total expenses.
  • Are you a player in the following areas:
    • Real estate?
    • Paper investments?
    • Automated business?
    • Intellectual property?
    • Network marketing?
    • Have you given a thought to the percentage of your income that goes into expenses and liabilities and also what percentage of your income goes into savings?
    • How much of your present savings have you converted into viable monthly income-yielding investments?
    • Are your income-yielding investments able to pay for your monthly expenses aside your salary?
    • Has the thought of when you leave this world crossed your mind? Will you leave a legacy for your children or leave them to sort out your debt?
    • Have you considered that though you seem to be “living your dream life now”, you could actually have it better?
    • If you stop doing what you are doing presently, will you be able to maintain your present lifestyle?
    • Are you sending your children to the schools you desire for them to attend or the school you can afford?
    • How long must you work and save up to take your family on the long overdue family vacation? That is if it ever happens?
    • Do you think financial freedom? When will you be financially free?

If your final figures in questions 1 to 6 are positive then you are looking good but how healthy does your positive look? If your final figures in questions 1 to 6 are negative then you need to take a critical look into your income statement and balance sheet.

Billionaires in training is a financial intelligence game that sensitizes you to take a look at your present reality as much as possible through a near reality game. It is an incredibly eye-opening game that helps you re-strategize and consciously plan for financial freedom.

The next opportunity, small or big, is critical to your financial freedom. We invite you and your spouse to take advantage of the next opportunity by joining us to play the financial intelligence game tagged “Billionaires in training”.

Payment details : GTB 223863332110 or cash registration at our office  flat 7, oluwatobi house, 71 allen avenue Ikeja .

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